Top 10 Beaches in Didim

Altinkum translated means “Golden Sands” – what an appropriate name! There are 3 Blue Flag Beaches, a prestigious, international award scheme which acts as a guarantee to tourists that a beach or marina they are visiting is one of the best in the world. They all slope gently and are very safe for families with children.
2. bay

There are all sorts of activities in the Second Bay, which is among the most beautiful beaches in Didim. There is an aqua park in the middle, which has inflatable toys in the sea, and two facilities that provide training for wind surfing and sailing on two sides. On the beach, the aqua park and the city hall are renting out beach chairs and umbrellas. There are public showers, toilets and cafes in the field. The beach is blue flagged.

3. bay

Third Bay is one of the biggest and most beautiful bays in Didim. It is possible to rent beach chairs and umbrellas, and there are public showers and toilets on this blue flag beach. There is also a big parking area where you can leave your car. There are beach clubs on both sides of the beach. One is reached by passing through the hill on the left and the other through the marina. There is also a diving center in the left pier.

Akademi Bay 2

Among the beautiful beaches of the police academy, only the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th bays are open to public.They are all well-kept. There are showers, toilets, grocery stores, cafes and restaurants in the area. You can benefit from all of the opportunities by paying 5 TL on the entry.

Gaye 1

You are in one of the beautiful blue flag beaches in Didim. There are market, café, restaurant, shower and toilet facilities in this long and beautiful beach that will allow you to spend your whole day in it. It is possible to rent beach chairs and umbrellas in the area.


One of the most beautiful beaches of our country; the blue flag Altınkum beach is the most beautiful one among over 50 beaches in Didim. The beach stretches around most of the bay with some fantastic views on a clear day. The sea is clear and quite shallow, ideal if you have children.. Awarded Blue Flag status

Martı Site

Martı Bay is a sandy and very shallow bay. It is especially preferred by the families with small children due to this property. There is an arranged area right next to it that the site residents use. The beach chairs and umbrellas belong to the site resident. The left part has a sandy shore that is usually being used by the picnicking families.

Manastır bay

We recommend you to visit the Manastır Bay in the early hours of the morning. If the air is still and the sea is waveless...If the air is still and the sea is waveless, a beach that will make you forget all other beaches that you have visited before will welcome you. A business by the seaside rents out beach chairs and umbrellas. It is also possible to find food or drink here.

Mesut Tatil Köyü

The access to this beach is provided through the Mesut Tatil Köyü. Inner side of the bay is extremely shallow. It is favorable to go swimming through both sides of the bay. When your direction is towards the sea, there is an artificial beach on the right side of the bay that the site residents use for swimming. There is also a tea garden in the same area.

Cennet Bay

It is possible to reach the Cennet Bay through a stabilized road, which is not really rough at the end. There is also a ground area where you can park your car. Even though it is not really decent, there is also a facility to meet your needs. This facility provides shower, toilet, umbrella, beach chair and café services. This beautiful beach is not too big. The sea is very clear and has a sandy bottom.


To visit the Parlamenterler Site beach, you need to use the road adjacent to the site. Going through the site is forbidden. It has a clean and beautiful beach. The beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach belong to the residents of the site.

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