Top 10 Things To Do Around Didim

Choosing what to see and do in Didim can thus be almost overwhelming; as a result, here we break down 10 of the top 10 things to do in Didim 

You Must See in Ephesus, The most intriguing and inspiring vacations are the ones that bring you back in time to the ancient cities you can visit on a day trip from Didim

Temple of Apollo

At the entrance to the Aegean resort of Didim, lie the historical ruins of the Temple of Apollo. The name itself is not unique as there were many temples dedicated to the mythological god. Famous for his ability to heal, it comes as no surprise to learn the temple of Apollo in Didim was a popular sanctuary and one of the most famous oracles in the world.


Miletos, like Priene was a great Ionian port and the native land of several philosophers and sages. Most of the monuments at the site are badly ruined except for the theater and the baths of Faustina


was one of the most active ports of Ionian Federation making the site of particular interest, is the system of geometric city planning introduced in the 4th centry B.C. by Hippodamos of Miletos. The theater is the most interesting monument of Priene.

Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake, with a dark past, the Aegean Sea. As a result of the Büyük Menderes river alluvium carried by the sea and cut off the relationship and put it in a "lagoon" has become. The lake is 10 km away from Didim to the Centre.

Diving Adventure

If You Want The Best Diving In The Aegean Welcome to Crocodile Diving Center. In Center, you would deeply feel the pleasure and enjoyement of diving. Your Diving Adventure would start every day at 10:00 o'clock and'would end up at 16:00 o'clock

Banana Boats

Banana boat rides behind a speedboat can be an exhilarating experience. Banana boats are long tubes filled with air that 6 to 8 adventure seekers sit on and hold onto handles to avoid falling off. The speedboat drivers job is to make the ride bouncy and to try to knock off the riders.

Boat Trip

Can you imagine yourself on a special well equipped and designed boat. Thınk about the pleasure of a boat tour along the TURQUOISE coast, sunbathing on the deck while relaxing wıth a drınk on the shady aft deck or dıvıng over board for a refreshing dip ın the crystal clear waters of the blue Aegean sea. Accompanied by the boats crews entertaining you tıll until you land back at the Dıdım harbour.



Speedway, with flood lighting for evening races and a wide range of go-karts. These include high speed super karts, standard single karts, two-seater karts and kids’ karts

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