Didim is again hosting an activity:

Didim is again hosting an activity:
Turkey's Inter Club Spear Fishing Races will be held in Didim on July 7-8
The athletes of 14 sports clubs will try to hunt the maximum number of fish for the highest score in the open sea for 5 hours to enter the degree and become the champion of Turkey. The athletes will be able to do fish diving without water and with only one dive.
The opening ceremony of the champion was held on July 7th at Didim Promenade at 16.30 and the cortege of participants clubs marched. Saturday, July 8th 14 club athletes to be opened with boats from the coast of Didim will compete each other for medals between 09.00-14.00. The closing ceremony and the awards ceremony will take place at Didim'a Promenade at 17.00 on the same day.

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