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Attractions, shopping, outdoor activities - everything you want to do and see in Didim is easily accessible - within walking distance, a short drive Didim is known for being a very walkable city with a compact downtown core, so you’ll likely find many of the places you want to go are just a short walk from your hotel. Visit our Maps section to help plan your route. Taxis are plentiful and can be hailed on the street, as well as found at designated stands, and called for pick-up. If you prefer to drive yourself around, you’ll find that most major car rental companies have offices in Didim. Parking is available at most hotels, and is easy to find around most attractions. Visit our Transit System page for more information about using Didim public transportation system to get around. Visit our page to explore other modes of getting around in Didim. Search below to find listing for taxi companies, car and RV rentals.


Taxis are cheaper than in most other European countries. Use taxis, especially if you're carrying luggage or parcels, or if it's dark.

Taxi Taxis are cheaper than in most other European countries. Taxis in Turkey are bright yellow in colour. Also taxis driver are all licensed so please check to keep safe. Taxis may also travel between cities or from cities or airports to resort towns. For these longer trips of, say, 10 or 20 km (6 to 12 miles) or more, set rates may have been established. If not, you may want to haggle for an agreeable rate before you begin your journey. Turks don't tip taxi drivers, they round up the fare. If it ends up being, say, TL8.75, a Turk will just round it up to TL9. In many cases if the fare is TL9.25, the driver will require only TL9. All taxis in Turkey are equipped with taximeters but after midnight we recommend to ask driver the cost before the trip as the cost may be higher in comparison to daytime.

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