The history of the traditional camel wrestling festival

The 8th annual camel wrestling festival took place in Didim. Wrestling was watched with great interest by citizens.
The traditional festival organized by Didim Municipality was held at Akyeniköy Dalyan Junction and 110 wrestler camels from the Aegean Region joined the camel wrestling. Wrestling was introduced in turn in the field of wrestling accompanied by camels drums zurna with an introduction ceremony ahead.
After the ceremony, a silence was held and the anthem was read. Later, the camels were matched and wrestled. The first wrestling organization commenced with the wrestling of two camels from Ulas Karakaya. Camel wrestling was conducted by the officials and field commissioners appointed by the municipality. In the course of wrestling, riders and camels were trying hard to capture camels fighting against their rivals.
Hundreds of citizens participating in the wrestling wrestling camel wrestling, while watching the wrestling enthusiastically, on the one hand enjoyed the day by picnicking. In the festival area, camel sausages were displayed and served among bread.